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Av Lars Vilks - 30 juli 2010 18:29

The election concerning Sweden joining Ladonia is now closed.

Av Lars Vilks - 2 april 2010 09:40

President’s Shoes 25,4 %

Norse Mystery Stone 23,9 %

Interim President Fredrik Axwik 20,8 %

Jeanne-Claude Monster-Nimis 8,1 %

Baron George A. Koeze 7,6 %

Ambassador Rangel Koldanov 7,1 %

Minister Daniel Kong 7,1 %

Av Lars Vilks - 4 februari 2010 16:37

The election started on the 4th of February 2010. There are seven candidates. They are all presented in New Herald, Ladonia's Newspaper.

In order to vote you will have to be a Ladonia citizen.

The candidate who receives most votes will be president. The candidate on the second place will become vice president.


Av Lars Vilks - 9 december 2009 16:42

Here the winners of Golden Dragons in Ladonia Biennial are presented.

Av Lars Vilks - 1 december 2009 10:19

The Prize Winner jury has announced the winners of the Golden Dragons in Ladonia Biennial 2009.

Golden Dragon: Moscow Poetry Club

The Invincible Armada (after Lope de Vega)

Transforming text-into-art-into-text introduces an aspect of adventure that in a spectacular way alters how we perceive our understanding of what art is.

Moscow Poetry Club expresses a desperation related to the hardships of history; only during a strong repression the poet will be able to show strength. 

Silver Dragon: Rosa Barba

The Lost Island 

She captures the moment of what has not yet happened in a way that subversively alters our perception of 'what is'. 


Bronze Dragon: Chen Zhen

Jue Chang - Fifty Strokes to Each 

Chen Zhen finds a starting point in the specific site and makes a performance about communication and participation. An affinity between the site and the world is created.

Green Dragon for an artist under 40 years: Jumana Emil Abboud

Smuggling Lemons from Sweden to Ladonia (The Diver 2) 

Jumana Emil Abboud brings with her lemons the Mideast conflict to Ladonia and is showing a relation between suppressed countries.  

Black Dragon for best artist presented in the photo section: John Baldessari

Shore with Persons of Different Nationalities

John Baldessari, always with a sense of distance, is showing the multiplicity of Ladonia and questions the common categories of ethnicity.


Jury: Carin Madsén Kollberg, art scientist, Martin Schibli, curator, Amit Sen, performance artist and musician.

Av Lars Vilks - 28 november 2009 09:52

Arto Lindsay, winner of the Red Dragon Prize (”Vox Populi”) in Ladonia Biennial, was celebrating his success with a concert, Music for the Sea

Av Lars Vilks - 24 november 2009 12:01

Ladonia Biennial closed on the 22nd of November. The jury is still working to find the winners of the Golden Dragons.

First winner to be announced is not decided by the jury. The People’s artist (Vox Populi Prize) is to be found among the YouTube videos which present different artists. The most watched video is the winner. All videos can be seen through the Ladonia Biennial page.

The winner is Arto Lindsay, artist, musician and performer. He has already received his prize.

Here is the top ten artists in Vox Populi Prize and the number of their videos being watched.

1. Arto Lindsay              1.152 (Red Dragon)

2. Keren Cytter                  828 (Honourable Mention)

3. Rirkrit Tiravanija           654

4. Falke Pisano                   637

5. Gordon Matta-Clark        566

6. Ulla von Brandenburg      554

7. Pietro Roccasalva           400

8. Grazia Toderi                 399

9. Anna Parkina                  396

10. Miranda July                 374

Pictures HERE

Av Lars Vilks - 21 oktober 2009 22:16

Atsuko Tanaka (1932-2005) and Akira Kanayama (1924-2005), were original members of the Osaka-based avant-garde group Gutai Art Association (and, later, husband and wife). Tanaka is best-known for her 1956 Electric Dress of colored lightbulbs and wires (shown in the biennial). Kanayama's has for example made watercolors and ink drawings in the early '50s, austere, presaging the minimalist painters' conceptual concerns.The biennial is showing his installation Traces. Pictures HERE.

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