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Huang Yong Ping (born 1954) was born in China. In 1989 Mr. Huang was invited to Paris to participate in "Magicians of the Earth," an exhibition that famously broke ground in bringing Western and non-Western art together. While he was there, the killings at Tiananmen Square took place, and he decided to stay in France.  French visual artist of Chinese origin. Huang's work combines many media and cultural influence, but is particularly strongly influence by the intellectual abstraction of Dada and by Chinese numerology traditions. Founder of the Xiamen Dada group in China in the 1980s, Huang's installations have included unorthodox materials such as live snakes and scorpions. Many of Huang's sculptural works encompass a large scale, some tens of meters in dimension.

The transgression of the boundary between humankind and nature also puts Huang Yong Ping himself in a totally original position. He is now at once an artist, magician, fortune-teller, alchemist, healer, teacher, philosopher, and writer. The question of identity, as an individual and an “artist,” is now being seriously raised. As with Marcel Duchamp and Rrose Sélavy and Joseph Beuys and the shaman, Huang Yong Ping is creating a new role for himself as he continually oscillates between himself and the various extensions of his identity. This clearly defies the conventional status of the artist.

In 1996 Huang Yong Ping took part in Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art in Rotterdam, in 1997 Huang participated in “Skulptur Projekte” in Münster, Germany with his sculpture "100 Arms of Guan-yin". He has exhibitied in Yokohama Triennial 2001, São Paulo Biennial 2004, Istanbul Biennial 2007, Lyon Biennial and Moscow Biennial in 2009. In Venice Biennial 1999, 2003 and 2009.

Work in the biennial: Theater of the World Light (Just Lazy)

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