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Av Lars Vilks - 7 oktober 2009 00:12


Guyton\Walker (Picture: Walker left)

[Wade Guyton (Hammond, Indiana, USA, 1972); Kelley Walker (Columbus, Georgia, USA, 1969). They live and work in New York.]

Wade Guyton and Kelley Walker’s collaborative debut took place in New York in 2005. In their installations the artists incorporate an array of artistic mediums, including painting, sculpture, and print media; their works are often created through process-oriented appropriations and digital manipulations, and frequently deploy recycled everyday objects. Their work, which often draws on the legacy of Pop Art, at times combines conventions of art and design. Previously having referred to both Andy Warhol and Fischli & Weiss, the artists likewise draw sustenance from their individual practices. Their collaborative work is, however, markedly different what they create by themselves. In fact, “create” may not be the right term: their collaborative practice may better be described as being rooted in filtering rather than defining images and objects. Extending the notions informing their collaboration to the objects themselves, one can see each artwork self-reflexively questioning its own status as art. Their contribution to the Venice Biennale 2009 combines painterly and technologically mediated expressions and includes canvases, printed sheet rock, and other objects — hung on the walls and placed throughout the gallery–featuring images of bananas and coconuts. Both the nature of their collaborative practice and their output reveal a more intricate view of the role of the artist, as well as how the concepts of authorship, authenticity, and identity function within the systems their work addresses.

Work in the biennial Original Installation in Six Copies

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