Alla inlägg den 10 oktober 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 10 oktober 2009 18:45

Alessandro Pessoli was born in Cervia, Italy, in 1963 and lives and works in Milan. Drawing is a daily event, a near obsessive activity that has formed and defined his art since the very beginning. But Pessoli approaches drawing with an open mind. For him, everything is possible.

He experiments with images and materials, freely exploiting each uncontrolled and unexpected effect. Using aquarelle, ink, tempera, oils and enamel paint, he depicts scenes from life and does not hesitate to expose himself in the process. At the same time he maintains a certain distance and builds resistance in order to dramatise and ridicule each image. Pessoli emphasises the influence comic strips have on his work: ''There is one aspect in particular of comic strips that interests me'', he says, ''that of humanizing any kind of image, of resisting deformation without losing credibility.'' Pessoli chronicles an emotionally deep and symbolic world, in which he and his characters continuously search for truth and the meaning of life, struggling with questions of identity and destiny.

His fluid and imaginative style was apparent in the animated short Caligola (Caligula, 2002), which transferred thousands of works on paper onto film. The work presaged Pessoli’s recent flamboyant reinter-pretations of the life of Italian fighter pilot and World War I hero Francesco Baracca.

Alessandro Pessoli has a wide experience of international exhibitions. He participated in Venice Biennial 2009.

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