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Av Lars Vilks - 14 oktober 2009 12:25


The artist duo David Bestué and Marc Vives (Bestué/Vives) both live and work in Barcelona, Spain. Through their work in video, theatre, photography, installation, interventions, Bestué and Vives explore an absurdity in the ludicrous actions and objects of everyday life. Their work is in the dadaistic tradition and connected to conceptual art and Fluxus.

In the exhibition "Everstill" in Huerta de San Vicente, Casa-Museo Federico García Lorca, Granada (curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist) Bestué /Vives installed a tiny theatre of marionette insects beneath the bedsprings.The work is titled Historia del alacrán enamorado (Story of the Lovelorn Scorpion, 2007) and is a response to García Lorca's early 'insect comedy' El maleficio de la mariposa (The Butterfly's Evil Spell, 1920) – produced together with the composer Manuel de Falla for Lorca’s younger sister. David Bestué: "Under the bed is where the monsters live. If somebody could tell the story of this house, it would be the little critters that remained there."

Bestué/Vives have exhibited in Venice Biennial 2009.

Work in the biennial: Lorca in Stone

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