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Gino De Dominicis, was an Italian artist, born in 1947 in Ancona, died at the age of 51, on Nov. 29, 1998 at his home in Rome. De Dominicis was a controversial and mystifying figure in Italian art. Even the news of his death was suspect, for years earlier he had reported his own demise in the mock conclusion to a biographical essay.

Gino De Dominicis’ career is one of the most enigmatic of any late twentieth-century artist. Since his first exhibition in the mid-‘60s he actively tried to dissociate himself from Conceptualism, Arte Povera, and other concurrent art movements. His small but remarkable body of works includes several installations and number of drawings and paintings.

For De Dominicis, dematerialisation and its logical conclusion, invisibility, were integral parts of his artistic aesthetic as, he believed, they held the key to a hidden world of timeless beauty and of immortality. Rejecting conventional linear interpretations of time, De Dominicis maintained that true reality existed as an "eternal present". Responding to the Metaphysical tradition in Italian art, he understood the world of objective reality to be merely an artifice. Objects such as "a glass, a man, a hen... are not really a glass, a man, a hen," he once explained, " but only verifications of the possibility of existence... To truly exist, things would have to exist eternally, immortally. Only then would they be not only verifications of certain possibilities, but truly things."

De Dominicis participated in several of the Venice Biennials 1972-2009. He was also in Documenta, Kassel in 1972 but neglected the invitation for Documenta 1982.

His work in the biennial: Attempt to Fly (remake of the original from 1969, short version).

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