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Av Lars Vilks - 24 november 2009 12:01

Ladonia Biennial closed on the 22nd of November. The jury is still working to find the winners of the Golden Dragons.

First winner to be announced is not decided by the jury. The People’s artist (Vox Populi Prize) is to be found among the YouTube videos which present different artists. The most watched video is the winner. All videos can be seen through the Ladonia Biennial page.

The winner is Arto Lindsay, artist, musician and performer. He has already received his prize.

Here is the top ten artists in Vox Populi Prize and the number of their videos being watched.

1. Arto Lindsay              1.152 (Red Dragon)

2. Keren Cytter                  828 (Honourable Mention)

3. Rirkrit Tiravanija           654

4. Falke Pisano                   637

5. Gordon Matta-Clark        566

6. Ulla von Brandenburg      554

7. Pietro Roccasalva           400

8. Grazia Toderi                 399

9. Anna Parkina                  396

10. Miranda July                 374

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