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Av Lars Vilks - 1 december 2009 10:19

The Prize Winner jury has announced the winners of the Golden Dragons in Ladonia Biennial 2009.

Golden Dragon: Moscow Poetry Club

The Invincible Armada (after Lope de Vega)

Transforming text-into-art-into-text introduces an aspect of adventure that in a spectacular way alters how we perceive our understanding of what art is.

Moscow Poetry Club expresses a desperation related to the hardships of history; only during a strong repression the poet will be able to show strength. 

Silver Dragon: Rosa Barba

The Lost Island 

She captures the moment of what has not yet happened in a way that subversively alters our perception of 'what is'. 


Bronze Dragon: Chen Zhen

Jue Chang - Fifty Strokes to Each 

Chen Zhen finds a starting point in the specific site and makes a performance about communication and participation. An affinity between the site and the world is created.

Green Dragon for an artist under 40 years: Jumana Emil Abboud

Smuggling Lemons from Sweden to Ladonia (The Diver 2) 

Jumana Emil Abboud brings with her lemons the Mideast conflict to Ladonia and is showing a relation between suppressed countries.  

Black Dragon for best artist presented in the photo section: John Baldessari

Shore with Persons of Different Nationalities

John Baldessari, always with a sense of distance, is showing the multiplicity of Ladonia and questions the common categories of ethnicity.


Jury: Carin Madsén Kollberg, art scientist, Martin Schibli, curator, Amit Sen, performance artist and musician.

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